The Villa in Italy par Elizabeth Edmondson

The Villa in Italy par Elizabeth Edmondson

Titre de livre: The Villa in Italy

Auteur: Elizabeth Edmondson

ISBN: 0007223773

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Elizabeth Edmondson avec The Villa in Italy

Title: Villa in Italy <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: Elizabeth Edmondson <>Publisher: Harper Collins Paperbacks


‘This book’s great for escaping the cold UK winter’ Closer

‘Enthralling…this is an enchanting read from start to finish.’ Woman

‘Deeply satisfying…rich and compelling. The perfect read’ Oxford Times

Praise for Voyage of Innocence:
‘I loved it.’ Woman

‘A very interesting book, not only because it gives a flavour of life in the thirties…it’s a way of imbibing history.’ Oxford Times

‘Well written and superbly researched…a thoroughly enjoyable read. A must.’ Yours

Praise for The Frozen Lake:
‘Charming.’ The Bookseller

‘Dark family secrets, long buried,if not forgotten, bubble to the surface. A novel that is vivid and engrossing.’ Choice

‘An intriguing read.’ Woman

Elizabeth Edmondson was born in Chile and educated in Calcutta and London before going to Oxford University. Her novels include The Villa in Italy, The Villa on the Riviera, Voyage of Innocence and The Frozen Lake, which have been translated into several languages.