Redefining Airmanship par Tony T. Kern

Redefining Airmanship par Tony T. Kern

Titre de livre: Redefining Airmanship

Auteur: Tony T. Kern

ISBN: 0070342849

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Tony T. Kern avec Redefining Airmanship

Redefining Airmanship offers the first concrete model of the abstract ideal of "airmanship," and gives the reader step-by-step guidance for self-appraisal and improvement in the areas of flight proficiency, teamwork, and good judgment in crisis situations. The author, Major Tony Kern, draws on his extensive flight and crew-training experience in the U.S. Air Force, but his model is invaluable for all pilots, whether military, recreational, or commercial.

"Kern's work is a breakthrough, and a benchmark."
--John J. Nance, author of Blind Trust

Kern hits the mark with the focus on individual responsibility and airmanship. . .'' There is no improvement like self-improvement, and Airmanship'' hits the critical points on complacency, discipline, and pilot judgment''

(Airmanship) is a unique work, which, perhaps for the first time, begins to define the professional ethos of being an airman.''--Nance, John J. "Author of Blind Trust and ABC News Aviation Consultant "

From the Back Cover

Here, for the first time, is a systematic model of professional airmanship, for all pockets of the aviation community. With this book as a guide, you too will develop the "right stuff" for today's complex world of flight. Step by step, system by system, the book shows you how to:

  • Use history's greatest flyers as role models--and follow in their footsteps
  • Define standards and measurements for success
  • Understand specific aspects of airmanship, using case studies and lessons learned
  • Handle peer pressure, lack of time, and stress
  • Reduce errors and aid decision-making
  • Manage risks
  • Evaluate your own performance
  • Illuminate a path for self-improvement
  • Advance your career
Redefining Airmanship gives you a holistic model of good airmanship and shows you how to use that model to measure and improve your performance. Using the book's Individual Improvement Plan, you can increase your confidence. . .develop flight discipline. . .understand your aircraft. . .know your crew's strengths and weaknesses. . .be an effective team manager. . .and achieve your personal best as an airman.

Aviation Human Factors authority, former U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel