Enfermera en apuros par Ana Polegre

Enfermera en apuros par Ana Polegre

Titre de livre: Enfermera en apuros

Auteur: Ana Polegre

Date de sortie: June 27, 2018

ISBN: 8408138782

Éditeur: Zenith Editorial

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Ana Polegre avec Enfermera en apuros

Editor's review The telephone rings. "Can you be in the other half of the province in half an hour for a guard?"   That is the nurse in distress, she can be any nurse in this country. The Nurse in Trouble is the one that cures the wound to you just before the surgeon wants to uncover it to evaluate it. It is the one that translates the medical language to you when you do not understand a word. It is the one that with a tape and scissors fixes the world. But if something is not the Nurse in trouble, it is the "ATS" that pricks you and makes you a bruise.   Because no one said that the infirmary was easy.   In this book you will find 11 chapters that cover the ins and outs of nursing and what surrounds it, from within and with high doses of humor. Since we put the first tracks as a student to the most bloody talks among nurses. Biography of the author Ana Polegre is the nurse in distress. She is a nurse of vocation and illustrator for the love of art. He spends his days between computers and syringes and is the reflection of many nurses, and sanitarians, Spaniards at the moment. Your intention? Make people laugh and tell a world that, if not lived from within, is not understood. More information: www.enfermeraenapuros.com