Libro de La Opera por Jose Maria Martin Triana

Libro de La Opera por Jose Maria Martin Triana

Titulo del libro: Libro de La Opera

Autor: Jose Maria Martin Triana

Número de páginas: 532 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 30, 2007

ISBN: 8420639257

Editor: Alianza

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Jose Maria Martin Triana con Libro de La Opera

The Pocket Book , 523pp , ABOUT THE AUTHOR :: José María Martín Triana is a Spanish musical critic. His best known works are The Book of opera and opera 's book recorded . All his work focuses on the field of classical music and opera. ABOUT THE BOOK :: Excellent book for lovers of opera Contains list of the 100 most representative operas. Very useful for those who are lovers of opera as for anyone who wants to approach the world of opera , paving the initial difficulties they may encounter , describing in detail the arguments of a hundred operas represented and analyzed more musical elements of each.