Nam Nam (La Cereza) par Mar Benegas

Nam Nam (La Cereza) par Mar Benegas

Titre de livre: Nam Nam (La Cereza)

Auteur: Mar Benegas

ISBN: 8498259681

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Mar Benegas avec Nam Nam (La Cereza)

"La cereza "is a collection of books on singing, counting, looking, and playing with little ones. Each book is special, but all are as sweet and playful as cherries and just right for those who have not yet learned to read. The theme of this book is food, and after reading the story, you can reread it, but set to music!

Mar Benegas is a poet, writer, and author of children s books. She is the coordinator of children s poetry for the children s literature non-profit, Atrapavientos, and has led numerous creative workshops and projects across Spain. Marta Cabrol studied graphic design at Ramon Llull University and received her doctorate in Illustration at the University Centre of Arts and Design in Barcelona."