Harry Redknapp - The Biography (English Edition) por Les Roopanarine

Harry Redknapp - The Biography (English Edition) por Les Roopanarine

Titulo del libro: Harry Redknapp - The Biography (English Edition)

Autor: Les Roopanarine

Número de páginas: 270 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 7, 2011

Editor: John Blake

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Les Roopanarine con Harry Redknapp - The Biography (English Edition)

Harry Redknapp is one of the biggest and best-loved characters in English football. From West Ham to Bournemouth, Portsmouth to Tottenham, legions of fans regard him as one of the game's true legends.• Harry's long career has been packed with twists and turns and plenty of controversy. Signing for West Ham as a 17 year-old, Harry Redknapp made 149 appearances before moving to Bournemouth where he stayed until 1982, leaving to take up his first coaching position with the club. After a major car accident in 1990 Harry was forced to reconsider his career options and made the switch from Bournemouth to West Ham. In 2003 he headed to Portsmouth in what was to be a turbulent time. With a brief spell at Southampton, Harry returned to Portsmouth and in 2008 he steered them to their first FA cup victory in 69 years.• In October 2008 Harry Redknapp joined Tottenham Hotspurs working his 'Harry Houdini' magic to lift them out of the relegation zone in just two weeks. And in 2010 they have made it to the knock-out stages in the Champions Leagues for the first time.