Life Goes On (English Edition) por William Summers

Life Goes On (English Edition) por William Summers

Titulo del libro: Life Goes On (English Edition)

Autor: William Summers

Número de páginas: 78 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 28, 2012

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William Summers con Life Goes On (English Edition)

What better place to start than by writing what are clearly the four most arrogant things you’re ever going to read:

1. This book offers a superlatively empathetic understanding of every single person on earth, no matter what they might do.
2. A way of seeing and facing death that I shamelessly declare elevates this work beyond anything ever spoken or written.
3. It is a piece of writing of such importance that it will bear more significance on the human race than any single event, theory, doctrine or idea that has so far come to pass.
4. It is by far and away the most optimistic, positive set of ideas ever to come from the mind of a human.

The problem though is this: it’s all probably true. The book, which is basically an enormous but very simple theory, sits firmly and quite comfortably on three of the most fundamental laws of science. And it will change your life forever.