Smart Guide Italy: Puglia (English Edition) por Jennifer Sorrentini

Smart Guide Italy: Puglia (English Edition) por Jennifer Sorrentini

Titulo del libro: Smart Guide Italy: Puglia (English Edition)

Autor: Jennifer Sorrentini

Número de páginas: 59 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 1, 2013

Editor: Smart Guides

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Jennifer Sorrentini con Smart Guide Italy: Puglia (English Edition)

Smart Guide Italy: Puglia is a practical guide to Italy's most underrated region. It features useful information on major sights, towns, beaches and parks. The guide provides essential background details as well as suggestions on where to shop, eat, sleep and experience Puglia. Destinations include: Bari, Gargano, Alberobello, Brindisi, Lecce, Otranto and many other memorable places in the region.

Smart Guide Italy is packed with advice and tips that will help newcomers and veteran travelers get the most from their visit to Italy. Along with background information to all major cities and monuments readers will discover great places to eat, sleep and enjoy the dolce vita.

Smart Guide is an independent digital travel publisher that offers 25 guides to all of Italy's cities and regions. Each title in the series provides insights to the most important monuments and useful information for eating, drinking, and having a good time in Italy.

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