Seasons Past (English Edition) por Damon Rice (pseudonym)

Seasons Past (English Edition) por Damon Rice (pseudonym)

Titulo del libro: Seasons Past (English Edition)

Autor: Damon Rice (pseudonym)

Número de páginas: 435 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 11, 2013

Editor: Big Tree Books, Northampton, MA

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Damon Rice (pseudonym) con Seasons Past (English Edition)

The story of baseball's first century as witnessed by three generations of a fictional American family.
"A warm and wonderful book . . . .[that] covers New York baseball from the 19th century until the Dodgers and Giants went West. Has always been a special favorite of mine"—Larry Ritter's 50-Book Essential Baseball Library.
". . .an evocative book, calling out the special joys of following the national game."—Business Week.