Seasons in the Wild (English Edition) por John Daniels

Seasons in the Wild (English Edition) por John Daniels

Titulo del libro: Seasons in the Wild (English Edition)

Autor: John Daniels

Número de páginas: 345 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 5, 2017

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John Daniels con Seasons in the Wild (English Edition)

‘Seasons in the Wild’ is a book relating a lifetime of outdoor adventures and experiences in the remarkable life of a hunter. Here are tales that include not only “the ones that got away” but many that didn’t. Fishing for trout or bass (or anything that swims), hunting small and big game with bows and arrows, guns and rifles, author John Daniels goes after them all, both in the East where he grew up tutored in the finer arts of his craft by his sportsmen uncles, and in the Rocky Mountain West, where the wilderness truly beckons. A great book for sports lovers, Seasons in the Wild will assure readers of exciting hunting even when their favorite game is out of season. As the seasons change and beckon, the author can most likely be found on a trout stream with a fly-rod in hand or chasing about with a bow and arrow in deer country. He also finds time each year to grab a favorite shotgun from the peg or his 30.06 from the rack and head for the fields and woods. ‘Seasons in the Wild’ will touch the hearts of all ages who feel the excitement of the chase and the thrill of the hunt.