The Prince Principle (English Edition) por Sean Gallacher

The Prince Principle (English Edition) por Sean Gallacher

Titulo del libro: The Prince Principle (English Edition)

Autor: Sean Gallacher

Número de páginas: 416 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 31, 2018

Editor: Sean Gallacher

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Sean Gallacher con The Prince Principle (English Edition)

This book is one of a triune of books that represent the complete picture of a new approach to the world’s biggest problems. The Prince Principle is a major breakthrough in social theory that has facilitated the development of solutions that will actually and finally solve what they are targeted at, and this book tells people what they need in order to be able to apply The Prince Principle themselves. Saving the World in 100 (not so easy) Steps is an introduction to the massive reforms agenda that has been (and continues to be) developed under The Prince Principle. Eden is Burning is an introduction to the organisation that has been developed to make all of it happen.